Naples Scores Number 1 in Gallup Survey of Happiest and Healthiest Communities !!!

Every year, the Gallup Organization measures the Healthiness, Happiness and Overall-Well Being of residents of cities across the United States. And for the second year in a row, Naples is Number 1!

'Naples had the country's highest number of residents thriving in community well-being, highest rates of healthy eating, lowest rates of daily stress and lowest lifetime diagnoses of depression,' according to the report.

But its not just the lovely climate and environmental beauty.  According to Gallup, Naples and Southwest Florida’s Blue Zones Project is a big factor. The Blue Zones Project is a joint civic effort -  bringing together governments, hospitals, universities and corporations – where institutions and individuals across the region strive to come up with creative ideas for encouraging well-being, health and physical activity.  

Farmers Markets, community associations, bike lanes, hiking and biking groups, traffic improvements to improve quality of life are the first parts of the plan to be put in place. It is a permanent fixture of the region’s development, and the new ideas will enhance life in our beautiful area for decades!