Inventory Nearly Double Last Year Levels! Buyers are the beneficiaries! 

Last year, going into "the Season," many Naples area buyers were frustrated by the low inventory of available homes - approximately a 3 month supply. In practice, that means that Realtors had fewer options to show Buyers than normal. But this year, inventory levels have increased to approximately 6 months supply. 

If you are a BUYER, this means there are more choices for you, and a greater likelihood that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

It also means (1) it will pay to negotiate, and (2) there will be fewer multiple offer situations. Of course, pricing is the key, so attractively-priced homes will still attract a lot of attention.

We work with Buyers from across the country and also have extensive experience with European and other International Buyers. Give us a call, leave a message, or visit our newly redesigned lightning-fast website, We deliver Personal Concierge Service to all our customers. That means we take care of all the details, from the beginning of your search to the day you move in.

It's a great year to buy. Let us help you seize the opportunity.